"Hogar de Cristo welcomes with dignity to the poorest people among the poor to expand their opportunities for a better life.  Announced with enthusiasm and involves community in their responsibility to those excluded from society.

It is a transparent, efficient and effective organization, that encouraged by the spirit of St. Alberto Hurtado promotes a culture of respect, justice and solidarity. "

Hogar de Cristo seeks to welcome with dignity and love the poorest people among the poor and especially infants, preschool children, children, at-risk youth, elderly, disabled and mentally ill and terminally ill people.

In its action, also seeks to spread awareness of the true scale of the problems of destitute people, with the intention of raising awareness to encourage relief initiatives and also to denounce solvable evils.


  • Children and youth at social risk.
  • Mothers and children victims of domestic violence.
  • Families and individuals in poverty or extreme poverty situation.
  • Urban or suburban camps in extreme poverty.
  • People who do not have a place to sleep.
  • Physically and / or psychological disabled people in extreme poverty or indigence.
  • Terminally ill people.
  • Homeless elderly.
  • Children and youth at risk of neglect, marginalization, drug addiction, alcoholism and lack of opportunity.

  • The problems of the destitute.


  • For spiritual development.

  • New forms of poverty.

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